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Volume 1, 1970

Articles Issue 1:

Problems of Aggregation and Dis-Aggregation in Macro-Economic Policy (Lord Roberthall)
The Statistical Relationship between Imports of Investment Goods and Gross Domestic Product in Developing Countries (D.J. Smith, J.M. Holmes)
Changes in the Burden of Personal Income Tax 1955-6 to 1965-6 (C.P. Harris)
On the Adequacy of Australia’s International Reserves (J.S.H. Hunter)

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Articles Issue 2:

The Politics of Growth: An Essay in Transaction Theory (Sydney C. Surfin)
International Sugar Agreement – 1968 (John Desmarchelier)
Policy Measures for the Australian Sugar Industry (Author?)
The A Prioris of Economics (R. J. Gunton)
An Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Cooloola Sand Mining Project (A. J. Fitzgibbons, H. P. Hendrikx)

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Volume 2, 1971

Articles Issue 1:

A Critique of Brisbane’s Transportation Studies (L. A. Duhs, H. M. Kolsen, G.E. Docwra)
The Interest Rate on Bank Loans is not a Countercyclical Instrument (A.J. Fitzgibbons)
Production Scheduling and Profitability in Sugar Milling (J.W.B. Guise, G.J. Ryland)
An Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Cooloola Sand Mining Project: A Comment (Susan Bambrick)

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Articles Issue 2:
An Analysis of the Queensland Tourist Industry (M.J. Gibbings)
The Value of Irrigation Water (Colin Clark)
Vernon Six Years After (F.G. Davidson)
Commonwealth Industrial Research and Development Grants – An Economic Evaluation (C. Tisdell)

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Volume 3, 1972

Articles Issue 1:

Australia’s Policy towards the Growth of Agricultural Protectionism in World Trade (A.L. Lougheed)
The Propensity to inflate under a Crawling Peg Exchange Rate System (Harold R. Williams)
Rural Reconstruction in the Queensland Sheep Industry – Budgetary Guidelines (I.B. Robinson, W.F.Y. Mawson)
An Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Cooloola Sand Mining Project: A Rejoinder (A.J. Fitzgibbons, H.P. Hendrix)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 3, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Transport Policies and their Administration (J.E. Knox)
The Role of the Bureau of Transport Economics (J.H.E Taplin)
The Movement of Goods (G.L. Cole)
Problems of Moving People without Pollution (R. Brain)

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Volume 4, 1973

Articles Issue 1:

Aspects of the Spatial Dimension in Economics (R.C. Jensen)
A Note on the Economics of Retails Trading Hours (S.J. Huxley)
Rock Phosphate Mining in North West Queensland – A Cost Benefit Analysis (I.H Wilson, B.C. Robertson, P.I. Ellis)
Economics of Size in Butter Production: The New Zealand Experience (M.M. Metwally)

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Articles Issue 2:

The Term Structure of Interest Rates in Australia, 1952-1966 (William G. Dewald)
The Register of Trade Practices Agreements – How relevant is it (W. Pengilley)
Urban Growth and Policy: A Multi-Nodal Approach (R.H. Braby)
Kangaroos: The Economic Management of a Common-Property Resource Involving Interdependence of Production (Clem Tisdell)
The Wage-Price Link (R.H. Tuckwell)

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Volume 5, 1974

Articles Issue 1:

An Empirical Evaluation of Arguments in Justification of Horizontal Agreements in Restraint of Trade (Warren Pengilley)
The Relationship between Economics and Politics in the Bureaucratic Model of Socialism (Thomas J.F. Riha)
The Business Cycle Behaviour of Australian Share Prices: A Frequency Domain Study (P.D. Praetz)
User Costs of Road Closure Due Flooding (John J. Beggs)
Special Amortization Provisions in the Australian Mining Sector (A. Fitzgibbons)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 5, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Kangaroos: Population Effects and Management (Geoff Waugh, Peter Calvo)
On Population Effects, Wildlife and the Management of Kangaroos (Clem Tisdell)
Income Flows and Economic Structure in the Torres Strait Area (M.L. Treadgold)
Company Takeovers and Restraint of Trade – A Discussion of Policy Dilemmas (Warren Pengilley)
The Effects of the Road Tax in Queensland on the Transport of Petroleum Products (D.C. Ferguson)
Accommodation and Transport Conditions of Unicersity Students (M.M. Metwally and H.U. Tamaschke)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 5, Issue 2

Volume 6, 1975-1976

Articles Issue 1:

Editorial and Notes for Contributors
Allocation of Time to Leisure and between Leisure Activities (V. Ramasamy, J.A. Sinden)
Multiple Objectives, Public Policy, and the Economist (P.A. Cassidy, J.C. Kilminster)
Vertical and Horizontal Fiscal Adjustment in the Federal Republic of Germany and Implications for Australian Federalism (J.S.H. Hunter)
Discrimination In Student Loans (R.K. Lindner, N.J. Thomson)
The Concept of Accountability by Corporations (G.W. Beck)
A Simulation Study of the Small Sample Properties of Several Single Equation Estimators under Various Heteroscedastic Schemes (G.R. West)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 6, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Editorial and Notes for Contributors
Resource Content and Industry Characteristics in Australian-New Zealand Bilateral Trade (C.J. Aislabie, P.J.C Stanton, P.C. Ip)
A Consumption Function with Money Illusion: The Australian Experience (G.M Davy)
Assistance to the Arts in Australia: An Economic Appraisal (K.A. Tucker)
Pricing Practices and Economic Theory (M.M. Metwally)
A Monte Carlo Study of the Robustness of an Identifiability Test Statistic (A.D. Owen)
Book Review: E.A Wheelwright and Ken Buckley (EDS), Essays in the Political Economy of Capitalism (R.W. Staveley)
Book Review: The Theory of Corporate Financial Reporting (P.E.M. Standish)
Book Review: Shann Turnbull: Democratising the Wealth of Nations from New Money Sources and Profit Motives (T.S. Jilek)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 6 Issue 2

Articles Issue 3:
Editorial and Notes for Contributors
Notes on the Internal Rate of Return Projects with Fixed Life (A.K. Dasgupta)
Preferential Treatment of Imports and the Pure Theory of Trade in Less Developed Countries (Bharat R. Hazari, Pasquale M. Sgro)
An Econometric Study of the Staple Theory of Economic Growth in the Context of the Australian Economy (H.U. Tamaschke)
Economic and Non-Economic Factors Affecting Mobility of Graziers During Periods of Depression (Paul C. Riethmuller)
Mankind at the Turning Point – The Second Report of The Club of Rome (N.D. Karunaratne)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 6, Issue 3

Articles Issue 4:

Editorial and Notes for Contributors
Derived Demand and the Australian Coal Cartel (J.C. Kilminster)
The Differential Effects of Recent Changes in Income Tax Legislation on Primary Producers and Other Businessmen (S.R. Harrison, P.M. Carrick)
Higher Education: Externalities, The Public Purse and Policy (L.R. Maglen)
Book Reviews:
A Review of the Report of the Committee if Inquiry into Public Libraries (Dr. N.D. Karunaratne)
Review of the 1976 Annual Report of the Industries Assistance Commission (A. Fitzgibbons)
A Comment on a Simulation Study of Heteroscedastic Schemes (T.S. Breusch)
Multinational Enterprise and Natural Resources (A.J. Fitzgibbons)
Social Mobility in Emergent Society (K.H Richards)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 6 Issue 4

Volume 7, 1977

Articles Issue 1:

Notes for Contributors
Questions on Government Intervention in Economic Activity (W.P. Hogan)
Why Saving Ratios Have Risen (R. Webb)
The Seasonality of National Park Use (J.A. Sinden)
Additional Results on the Diamond-Mirrlees Contribution to the Externality Problem (A.M. Wolanowski, S. Strong)
Potential Redistribution of Household Wealth by Inflation (Barry F. Reece)
A Simulation Study of the Small Sample Properties of Several Single Equation Estimators under Various Heteroscedastic Schemes – A Reply (G.R. West)
Social Limits to Growth (D. McL. Lamberton)
Structural Change in Australia (C.J. Aislabie)
The Evolution of the International Monetary System, 1945-77 (H.W. Arndt)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 7 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Notes for Contributors
Manpower Planning Using Input-Output Techniques (C.J. Aislabie, P.C. Ip)
Relative Cores at Planned Prices (Paul van Moeseke)
Harry Johnson as a Young Man (Aubrey Silberston)
A Comment on Peleg’s Theorem (G. Mehta)
Book Review: Review of the Ranger Uranium Report (A. Fitzgibbons)
Book Review: Energy and Economic Myths – Institutional and Analytical Essays (N. Georgescu, R. Pergamon)
Book Review: Reshaping the International Order (RIO), A Report to the Club Rome (J. Tinbergen, A.J. Dolman, J. Van Ettinger, N.D. Karunaratne)
Book Review: Inflation, Exchange Rates and the World Economy W.N. Corden (J.O.N. Perkins)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 7 Issue 2

Volume 8, 1978

Articles Issue 1:

Notes for Contributes
The New Political Economy (R.W. Staveley)
Spatial Disaggrgation of Orani Results: A Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of Protection at the State Level (P.B. Dixon, B.R. Parmenter and J. Sutton)
Book Review: Barry Johnson as a Young Man: Errata (A. Silberston)
Book Review: Solar Australia – Australia at the Crossroads (T.D. Mandeville)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 8 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Notes for Contributers
The Influence of the Rate of Growth of Labout Productivity on Australian Farm Output and Net Farm Incomes (J.A. Wicks, J.L. Dillon)
Economic Analysis and End-Stage Renal Disease – An Australian Study (D.P. Doessel)
Tariff Uncertanity and the Firm’s Decision to Invest (I. Harper)
A Note on Unemployment among Scientists and Engineers in Queensland (S. Macdonald)
Book Review: The Nature of Mass Povery (J.K. Galbraith)
Book Review: Capitalism, Socialism or Barbarism? The Australian Predicament (E.L. Wheelwright)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 8 Issue 2

Volume 9, 1979

Articles Issue 1:

The Persistence of Stagflation (C. Clark)
The Demand for Money and the Aggreation over Time (P. Thompkinson, A.J. Hagger)
Industrial Estates and Decentralization of Firms in Queensland (J.E. Berryman)
Optimal Advertising under Conditions of Risk Aversion (M. Metwally)
A Note on Naylor’s Mathematics (G. Metha)
On Economic Man (D.M. Bensuan-Butt)
Capitalism and Socialism: A Theological Inquiry (M. Novak)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 9 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Economics: A ‘Science’ in Quotes (L.A. Duhs)
Discounting Australian Public Projects (C.R. Ferry, E.J. Duhs)
The Causes of Rising Hospital Expenditures (P.W Abelson)
Medical Technology – A Case for Restraint? (K. Sampford)
Book Review: A Review of a Time for Truth (W.E. Simon)
Book Review:A Review of Exports and Economic Growth: Applications of the Staple Theory (H.U. Tamaschke)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 9 Issue 2

Volume 10, 1980

Articles Issue 1 and 2:

The Estate Multiplier Method of Estimating Personal Wealth (R. Gunton)
National Products and Demand for Energy (C. Clark)
Do Trade Unions Raise Wages? (C. Clark)
Materials-Labour Substitution in U.S. Construction (C. Clark)
Management of the Resources Boom in the 1980s (J.S.H. Hunter, J.C. Nood)
Generation of Regional Input-Output Tables (Grit): An Introspection (G.R. West)
Factors Contributing to Youth Unemployment in Australia (P.J. McNahon, V. Ramasamy)
Production Functions and Data Scarcity (S. Strong)
Economic Aspects and Effects of a Defined Value-Added Tax in Australia (A.B. Tesch)
A Further Note on Keyne’s Arithmetic (G. Metha)
Book Review: Australian Economic Statistics 1949-50 to 1978-79, Tables and Graphs. By W.E. Norton and M.W. Brodie. (Colin Clark)
Book Review: Transport System and Economic Development in Assam. By Dr. S.P. Medhi. (Colin Clark)
The Limitations of General Theories in Macroeconomics (L.A. Duhs)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 10 Issue 1 and 2

Volume 11, 1981

Articles Issue 1 and 2:

Utility Compensation in the Pure Theory of International Trade: An Empirically-Oriented Generalisation (J. Carmichael)
The Redistributional Effects of Personal Income Tax in Australia (T.M. Alchin)
The Sector Theory and Interregional Labour Force Disparities in Queensland, 1864-1976 (C.P. Harris)
Australian Wealth-Holders Industry 1956 to 1976 (R. Gunton)
Explaining Postwar Inflation Trends: An Exposition and Extension of Some Recent Research (G. Kingston)
Statistical Developments in Australia (H.U. Tamaschke, S.R. Harrison)
The Determinants of Labour Hoarding in Australian Manufacturing (R. Gunton, M. Metwally)
The Relative and Absolute Performance of the Services Sector in the Industrialized and the Developing Countries (R. Gunton, M. Metwally)
Non-Traded Goods and Comparative Advantage: A Multisectoral Analysis of Trade Policy in Australia (F.K. Bishay, M. Bishay)
A Note on Pricing-Advertising Reaction Function (M.M. Metwally)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 11 Issue 1 and 2

Volume 12, 1982

Articles Issue 1:

Moral Persuasion, an Instrument of Economic Policy for Recovery (Thomas J.F. Riha)
A Queuening Model of Grain Harvest and Delivery (J. Anthony Price)
Consumption – Income Adjustment Process in Rich Oil Producing Countries: The Case of Saudi Arabia (Fayez I. Al-Habib, Said S. Martan)
Keynesian Mathematics (Ghanshyam Metha)
Rejoinder to Metha on Keyne’s Arimetric (H. Dickson)
A Comment on a Dispute on Keyne’s Mathematics (Bruce Littleboy)
The Redistributional Effects on Personal Income Tax in Australia: A Comment (Russell Mathews)
The Academic Scribblers (L.A. Duhs)
The Development of the Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminium Industries: Report by the Senate Standing Committee on Natural Resources (Jim Alvey)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 12 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Non-Cooperative Equilibra in a Simple Macro-Model (P. Tomkinson)
An Economic Evaluation of Four Intergovernmental Policies for Natural Disaster Relief in Australia (J.R.G. Butler, D.P. Doessel)
Stanley Jevons: A Century of Reviews (Jim Alvey)
Measures of Tax Progressivity (Terry Alchin)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 12 Issue 2

Volume 13, 1983

Articles Issue 1:

Validating Revealed Preferences (J.W. Bennett)
Some Evidence on the Accuracy and Rationality of Businessmen’s Forecasts: How well do Western Australian Businessmen Forecast? (David J. Smith)
Production Functions and Data Scarcity (S. Strong)
Distributing Natural Disaster Costs in Australia – Policy and Effects (J.R.G. Butler, D.P. Doessel)
The Teaching of Economics (John Cameron, Ken Cole)
Peleg’s Theorem (G. Matha)
Book Review: Drugs and Health: Economic Issues and Policy Objectives (D.P. Doessel)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 13 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

A Note on Medical Workforge Data in Australia (D.P. Doessel)
Economic Problems in Managing Australia’s Marine Resources (Clem Tisdell)
Sour Grapes: A Case of Wine Tax (Terry Maxwell Alchin)
Land Prices in Wollongong: 1956-72 (Peter Abelson, Richard Cardew)
On a Theorem of Bowen (G. Metha)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 13 Issue 2

Volume 14, 1984

Articles Issue 1:

Employer Recruitment and Labour Market Information (Margareth J. Nowak)
The Main Determinants of the Exchange Rate (A.J. Makin)
CES Production Function: Estimates of Elasticity of Substitution, Returns to Scale and Technical Progress in Australian Manufacturing Industries (A.M.M. Masih)
The Future of the Queensland Economy; Some Lessons from Recent Western Canadian Experience (Dr. H.U. Tamaschke)
Public Sector Labour Markets in Australia (P.M. Jackson, J.D. Stanford)
The Queensland Building Societies Crisis (1975-1977) (Timothy G. Beale)
John Maynard Keynes and his Relevance for Today (Jim Alvey)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 14 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

An Introduction to the Health Sector of the Australian Economy (D.P. Doessel)
Are Consumer Payments Necessary in an Efficient Health Care System? (J.R. Richardson)
The Effects of Medicare and the Surgeons’ Dispute on the use of Public Hospital Services in New South Wales (W. Hickson, S. Freeman)
The DRG Hospital Scheme: Some Economic Aspects (J.R.G Butler)
The Perverse Relationship Between Doctor Supply and Health Outcome (S. Richardson)
Health Economics: Representative Course Offerings for Australia and New Zealand (M.S. Hersh-Cochran)
Reviews: National Health Insurance in Canada and Australia, by Malcom C. Brown (W.B. Coote, M.B., B.S., B. Econ.)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 14 Issue 2

Volume 15, 1985

Articles Issue 1:

Queensland Development Symposium: Opening Remarks (David Smith)
Developments and Trends in the Australian Economy (Keith Witney)
The State of Queensland: A Round-Up of Current Economic Indicators (Owen McCarthy)
Government Expectations for Queensland Development (M.J. Ahern, MLA)
Strategy for Economic Development (C.P. Harris)
Queensland’s Labour Market, Industrial Relations and Wage Determination (C. Chittick)
Structural Issues in the Queensland Economy (R. Dick)
Overview and Pointers for the Future: A Summary View of the Discussion (Jon Stanford)
The Foreign Exchange Market After the Float (Jon Stanford)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 15 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Some Issues Relating to the Reform of the Australian Taxation System (Harvey Anderssen)
Tax Reform, Distributional Equity and Tax Effectiveness (Russell Mathews)
Social Security Issues and the Tax Reform Debate (Daryl Dixon, Chris Foster, Phil Gallagher)
Inflation and the Personal Income Tax (Chris Terry)
Reforming the Australian Income Tax System to prevent Avoidance and Evasion (Ian Wallschutzky)
Tax Treatment of Exchange Gains and Losses (Charles Gibbons)
Family Income Splitting and Australian Taxation Reform (L.A. Duhs, A.L. Lougheed)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 15 Issue 2

Volume 16, 1986

Articles Issue 1:

Wage Policy Perspectives on the Accord (B.J. Chapman)
The Potential “Lock-In” Effect of the Proposed Capital Gains Tax (I.G. Wallschutzky)
Prospective Case-Mix Based Reimbursement: An Option for Australian Hospitals? (C.L. Nicholson)
An Application of Contestable Market Analysis to the Australian Banking Industry (I.R. Harper)
Some Notes on ABS Services for Economists (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
The Structure and Duration of Unemployment in Australia (J. Mangan)
Australia’s Antarctic Policy Options – A Review Article (Clem Tisdell)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 16 Issue 1
Articles Issue 2:
The Critical Effect of the Budget, Structural Deficits and Recent Experience (J.S.H. Hunter)
Payroll Taxes in Australia, Part I: Background and Theoretical Analysis (R. Chapman)
A Note on the Determinants of the Cost Structure of Gross Domestic Product: A Cross Country Analysis (M.M. Metwally)
Reforming the Australian Tax System: The Issue of Comprehensiveness in the Draft White Paper and the Tax Reform Package (John G. Head)
Apportioning Revenue Sharing Grants between the States: The Commonwealth Grants Commission Reports of 1981, 1982 and 1985 (N.J. Thompson)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 16 Issue 2

Volume 17, 1987

Articles Issue 1:

Policy and Economics of Foreign Aid (Bill Hayden)
Tourism, The Environment and Profit (Clem Tisdell)
Networking or Refined Transhipment: Optimisation Alternatives for Processing and Handling the Australian Wool Clip (H.I. Toft, P.A. Cassidy)
Consumption – Income Adjustment Process in Rich Oil Producing Countries: The Case of Saudi Arabia (F.I. Al-Habib, S.S. Martan)
Reality, Theory and the Role of the Agricultural Sector in Economic Development (K. Cole)
Wage Fixation in Australia, A Review Article (R.F. Elliott)
The Jackson Report and the Ongoing Aid Debate (L.A. Duhs)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 17 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Macroeconomic Policy and the Balance of Payments in Australia (C. Kearney, L. Fallick)
Payroll Taxes in Australia, Part II: An Economy-Wide Approach to Estimating the Effects of their Removal (R. Chapman, D. Vincent)
Not a Super Decision: The 1986 Wage Case (B. Dabscheck)
The Economics of Crime: A Survey (D. E. Lewis)
Australian Mergers and Takeovers: A Review of Recent Evidence (D.J. Ravenscraft)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 17 Issue 2

Volume 18, 1988

Articles Issue 1:

Russell Mathews: A Review of his Academic and Professional Career (C.P. Harris)
Real Wages, The Wage Share and Cumulative Wage Indexation following a Currency Devaluation (M.J. Watts)
Economics and Diversity of Broadcasting Programmes (Allan Brown)
An Economic Model of Australian Passenger Automobile Demand: A segmented Markets Approach (G.G. Madden)
Australia: A Growing Market for Asean Exports? (J.L. Tongzon)
Problems in Policymaking to Reduce Environmental Risks to Life (L. Dwyer)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 18 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

An American Perspective on Australia’s Green Paper on Higher Education (W.L. Hansen, Fullbright Senior Scholar)
The Structure of Tertiary Education Fees (G. Brennan)
An Economic Analysis of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme of the Wran Report (B.J. Chapman)
The Natural Rate of Inflation in the United States (D.J. Smyth, Pami Dua)
Targeting Australia’s Current Account: A New Mercantilism? (A.J. Makin)
Consumer Organisations and Relative Prices (P. Abelson)
Money, Credit and Economic Activity (M.S. Monadjemi)
Geoff Harcourt’s Selected Essays: A Review Article (R. Dixon)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 18 Issue 2

Volume 19, 1989

Articles Issue 1:

Poverty Traps in the Australian Social Security System (P. Whiteford, B. Bradbury, P. Saunders)
Reductions in Government Spending in the Orani-Naga Framework (B.F. Parsell)
The European Currency Unit – An Exercise in Successful Exchange Rate Management (D.J. Jüttner)
Prudential Regulation of Bank Ownership and Control (W.P. Hogan)
Cost Recovery Arrangements for Interstate Land Transport in Australia: A Review of Recent Policy Initiatives (J.E. Davies)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 19 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Regulating the Egg Industry: Lessons from South Australia (B. Burgan and Norm Thomson)
Arthur Okun’s Contribution to the Macoeconomic Policy Debates in the 1970s (J. Lodewijks)
Taxation of Gambling in Australia (T. Alchin)
Privatisation (C.A.K. Lovell)
The New Industrial Economics: Theoretical and Empirical Developments (J. Mangan)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 19 Issue 2

Volume 20, 1990

Articles Issue 1:

Australia’s Foreign Debt: A Business Economist’s View (J.D.S. Macleod)
External Debt and Foreign Investment (J.D. Pitchford)
A Longer Term Perspective on External Adjustment Options (R. Whiteslaw and P. Dempster)
Multi-Period Disaggregated Economic Modelling: Do we need it? Can we do it? (P.B. Dixon)
Research Performance Indicators in Australian University Economics Departments, 1986-87 (G.T. Harris)
With which Index should we index Incomes? (N.A. Warren)
Book Reviews
Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 20 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

The Microeconomics of the Pass-Through Effect: An Analysis of the Australian Motor Industry (R.J. Andrew and B.E. Dollery)
European Unemployment in the Eighties (J. Burgess)
An Analysis of Consumer’s Expenditure in Queensland: 1948-1985 (J.H.Ll Dewhurst)
Tax Reform in New South Wales (R. Mathews)
Managed Competition in Health Care: A Contradiction in Terms and an Option for Australia? (D.P. Doessel)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 20 Issue 2

Volume 21, 1991

Articles Issue 1:

On the Real Exchange Rate as a Measure of Australia’s External Competitiveness (A.P. Layton and J. McLaren)
Grants Commission Assessment of Local Government Debt Servicing and Capital Expenditures (B. Burgan, S. McDonald and N. Thomson)
Educational Attainment and the Returns to Education for Australian Youth: Evidence of Self-Selection? (N. Gaston, R. Sturm)
Some Australian Evidence on the Consensual Approach to Poverty Measurement (P. Saunders and B. Bradbury)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 21 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Telecommunications: A Public Monopoly or a Competitive System? (S. Encel)
Regulating Competition on Telecommunications: British Experience and its Lessons (M. Cave)
Structural Changes in the Manufacturing Sectors of the Australian States (A.H. Harris and G.A. Wood)
Australia’s Foreign Trade Strategy (P.J. Higgs)
An Empirical Note on one Aspect of Labour Market Hysteresis (A.P. Layton)
Effective Tax Rates: Marginal, Average and Cumulative (C. Sampford)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 21 Issue 2

Volume 22, 1992

Articles Issue 1:

Public Finance and Macroeconomic Policy (J.O.N. Perkins)
Efficient Railway Freight Rates: Australian Coal (J. Freebairn and K. Trace)
Economic Change in a Regional Economy: The Case of South Australia, 1980-81 to 1985-86 (T. Mules)
Some Implications of Inflation Adjustment of Interest Payments on Australia’s Foreign Debt (L.P. O’Mara and T.J. Walshaw)
Free Lunches in the Case for Privatisation and Deregulation (J. Quiggin)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 22 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Stubbornly defending the Free Trade Position (H.W. Arndt)
Interstate Differences on Economic Growth Rates in Australia, 1953-54 to 1990-91 (P. Harris, D. Harris)
Assessing the Private Costs of Soil Degradation (P. Home)
Sectoral Changes in Energy Use in Australia: An Input-Output Analysis (Abu Reza Md. Shariful Islam and J.B. Morison)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 22 Issue 2

Volume 23, 1993

Articles Issue 1:

The Role of Selectivity in Consumption Taxation: Should Consumption Taxes be Uniform? (J. Creedy)
Countertrade: An Evaluation of Existing Hypotheses (T. Papadopoulos)
Political Economy of Protection to Australian Manufacturing: Further Results (R. Ratnayake)
An Appraisal of the Effects of Demand Increasing Research in Distorted Markets (T.J. Voon)
Monetary Policy and Stabilization Problems in Bangladesh: Some Current Issues (A.N.M. Wahid)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 23 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

New Theory and Evidence on Economic Growth and their Implications for Australian Policy (S. Dowrick)
Can Tax Cuts Increase Investment in a Unionised Economy? (J. Creedy and I. McDonald)
Contingent Valuation as a Guide to Environmental Policy: An Application to the Conservation of Natural Bushland in Brisbane (J. Windle and R.A. Cramb)
International Trade Competitiveness Protection and Australian Manufactures (P. Daniels)
Conceptual Note on Financial and Trade Sanctions against South Africa (B.E. Dollery)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 23 Issue 2

Volume 24, 1994

Articles Issue 1:

Medicare and Private and Public Medical Practice: Utilisation and Substitution (D.P. Doessel)
Achieving Quality in Higher Education: A Critique of the Higher Education Council Perspective (L.A. Duhs)
Institutional Innovation and the Calculus of World Competitiveness (W. Kasper)
Producer Impact of two Proposals for Reform in the Australian Sugar Industry (P. Simmons and A. Smith)
Why Stamp Duties are an Increasing Financial Burden on Australian Home Buyers (G. A. Wood)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 24 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Industry Policy and Trade Practices Legislation in Australia (H.M. Kolsen)
Sustainability and Sustainable Development: Are these Concepts a Help or a Hindrance to Economics? (C. Tisdell)
The Unanticipated Effects of the Industry Commission’s Recommendations on the Regulation of the Taxi Cab Industry (O. Gaunt and T. Black)
Determinants of Fiscal and Current Account Balances of Western Samoa: (1982-1991) (T.K. Jayaramon)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 24 Issue 2

Volume 25, 1995

Articles Issue 1:

Macroeconomic Policy: Some International Lessons for Australia (W. Max Corden)
The Bases and Impact of Competition Policy (Professor Frederick G. Hilmer)
Competition Policy and the Changing Australian Economy (Allan Fels)
Competition Policy, Industry Policy and Deregulation of the Australian Economy (Bill Scales)
Competition in the Electricity Supply Industry (Brian Spalding)
Liberalisation in Asia Pacific – Why a Free Trade Area Would Benefit Australia (Alan Oxley)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 25, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Foreign Debt and Foreign Exchange Markets (Warren Hogan)
State Expenditure and Fiscal Illusion in Australia: A Test of the Revenue Complexity, Revenue Elasticity and Flypaper Hypotheses (Brian E. Dollery and Andrew C. Worthington)
Disaggregation of the Gini Coefficient and its Application to Australia 1986 (Mary Graham)
Information Industries and Endogenous Growth: Developing Policy Implications (Eduardo Pol)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 25, Issue 2

Volume 26, 1996

Articles Issue 1:

The Behaviour of Agency Costs Relevant to Visitation at National Parks of South-Western Queensland (Diana Beal)
The Volatility of Australia’s Exchange Rate: A Synthesis (Louise Dwyer, Duc-Tho Nguyen and Suri Rajapakse)
The Economic Cost of Taxicab Regulation: The Case of Brisbane (Clive Gaunt and Terry Black)
The Saving to Income Ration: A Note (Laurence H Lester)
Queensland Public Finance in the Nineties (Mark Robinson)
The Price of Irrigation Water (J.G. Tisdell)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 26, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Using Contingent Valuation to Determine Australian Tourists’ Values for Forest Conservation in Vanuatu (G.W. Flatley and J.W. Bennett)
The Distributional Impact of Domestic Fuel Taxation (Antonia Cornwell and John Creedy)
Extended Measures of National Income and Saving (A.J. Makin)
The Demand For Social Control Tools (Pak Hung Mo)
Who Will Hail Taxis in a Deregulated Market? A Comment on Gaunt and Black (James B. Schuurmans-Stekhoven)
Land Quality as an Input to Production: The Case of Land Degradation and Agricultural Output (Sandra Walpole, Jack Sinden, Tim Yapp)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 26, Issue 2

Volume 27, 1997

Articles Issue 1:

Plus Ça Change: Problems Faced by the Queensland Government Economic Advisor (Peter Crossman)
Characteristics and Attitudes of Australia’s Finance Journalists (John Henningham)
Market Power and Contestability in Factor Markets: The Case of Tomato Pricing (Phillip Hone)
Partitioning Growth in Queensland Tourism Expenditure (Trevor Mules)
Microeconomic Reform in the Australian Sugar Industry? (Phil Simmons)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 27, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Economic Theory and Economic Policy: Two Views (G.C. Harcourt)
Should Telstra Be Privatised? (Allan Brown)
Effective Marginal Tax Rates in Australia (H.F. Campbell)
Exports of Tertiary Education Services and the Queensland Economy (Ted Duhs)
Privatising Public Infrastructure: Rationale and Key Issues (Dr John J Fallon)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 27, Issue 2

Volume 28, 1998

Articles Issue 1

Micro Gains from Micro Reform (John Quiggin)
International Macroeconomic R&D Spillovers (Chris Edmond)
Financial Restructuring and Credit Unions (Andrew Greinke)
Consumer-Based Carbon Reduction Incentives: A Proposed Mixed Incentive Scheme for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Transport (S.J. Niemeyer and J.G. Tisdell)
Reducing Vertical Fiscal Imbalance in Australia: Is there a need for State Personal Income Taxation? (Richard Row and Alan Duhs)
Regional Differences in the Japanese Diet: The Case of Drinking Milk (Ruth Stroppiana and Paul Riethmuller, Kohei Kobayashi)
A Note on the Australian Business Cycle (Mark Crosby)
Some Reminiscences and a Word of Wisdom (as required by those who did me the honour of inviting me) (Ted Kolsen)
The Asian Financial Crisis – A Policy Perspective (J.D. Stanford)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 28, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2

Measuring Economic Progress: From Political Arithmetick to Social Accounts (Ian Castles)
Determinants of Workplace Injuries: An Econometric Analysis Based on Injuries Compensation Data for Queensland (Vani K. Borooah, John Mangan and John Hodges)
Optimal Air Service Agreements (Harry Clarke)
Overseas Students in Australia: Costs and Revenues (John Creedy, David Johnson and Meredith Baker)
Does Government Public Capital Expenditure Matter?: Evidence for Canada (Bahram Dadgostar and Frank Mirabelli)
An Empirical Analysis of Tariff Endogeneity in Australia, 1904-1974 (Brian Dollery and Stuart Whitten)
A Land Locked into Low Inflation – How Far is the Promised Land? (Anis Chowdhury and Girijasankar Mallik)
A Note on the Empirical Analysis of Wagner’s Law (Brian Dollery and Sukhvinder Singh)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 28, Issue 2

Volume 29, 1999

Articles Issue 1

Marginal Indirect Tax Reform in Australia (John Creedy)
Government and Private Sector Joint Venturing in Natural Resource Development: The Queensland Plantation Forestry Joint Venture Scheme (S.R. Harrison, J. Miano and M.W. Anderson)
Estimation of Community Values of Lakes: A Study of Lake Mokoan in Victoria, Australia (Gamini Herath)
Assessing the Efficiency of the Australian Higher Education Export Sector (Amir Mahmood and Darren McKay)
Optimal Australian Dugong Populations and Conservation Plans: An Economic Perspective (Clem Tisdell)
The Asian Currency Crisis, the IMF, and the Role of Japan (Akira Kohsaka)
The Asian Currency Crisis and the Australian Economy (Tony Makin)
The Characteristics of the Asian Financial Crisis (Dr Jon Stanford)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 29, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2

Ninth Annual Colin Clark Memorial Lecture – Economic Nationalism and Performance: Australia from the 1960s to the 1990s (Ted Evans)
On the Wrong Track? An Analysis of the Suitability of Contracting Out for Rail Track Maintenance (Richard Denniss and Phillip Toner)
The Political Economy of Development: Empirical Evidence from Fiji (Rukmani Gounder)
Thrift, Productivity and the Real Rate of Interest in Australia (K.M. Hawtrey)
Credit Unions: Filling Finance Gaps in Rural Communities (Deborah Ralston and Diana J. Beal)
Ethical Rules and the Demand for Free Range Eggs (John Rolfe)
Impact of Tropical Cyclone Warning Information on Incomes of Commercial Tourist Accommodation Operators along the Queensland Coast (M. Campos and L. Drake and K.A. Anaman)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 29, Issue 2

Articles Special Edition
Introduction (John Mangan)
Investment Behaviour in Queensland: An Empirical Analysis (Cecil Chan, Christine Williams)
Implementing a Multiregional Input-Output Model – The Case of Queensland (Bernhard Trendle)
Structural Change in the Queensland Economy: An Interindustry Analysis (Guy R. West)
The Queensland Labour Market: An Empirical Analysis of Labour Supply and Demand (Patrick Wildie)
Estimating a Consumptiom Function for Queensland (Christine Williams)
An Economic Model if Interstate Migration (Christine Williams, Jim Hurley)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 29, Special Edition

Volume 30, 2000

Articles Issue 1:

Economic Analysis and Policy: A Thirtieth Birthday Retrospective (L.A. Duhs)
Choice Modelling, Non-Use Vales and Benefit Transfer (Mark Morrison)
Compulsory Superannuation and Australian Generational Accounts (Hazel Bateman, John Ablett)
The Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Indonesian Economic Growth (John Asafu-Adjaye)
A Note on the Timing of Microeconomic Reform in Australia (Brian Dollery and Joe Wallis)
Contestability: The Debate and Industry Policy (Rhys D. Evenden, Alan W. Williams)
Do Royalties: “Have a Disincentive Effect on Production”? (Rob Fraser, ild Rygnestad)
Estimation Community Values of Lakes: A Study of Lake Mokoan in Victoria, Australia: A Comment (Averil Cook)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 30, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

The Role of Market Share and Concentration in Firm Profitability: Implications for Competition Policy (Simon Feeny, Mark Rogers)
Economic Impact of Haze-Related Air Pollution on the Tourism Industry in Brunei Darussalam (Kwabena A. Anaman, Chee N. Looi)
Conditional Volatility Measures of Inflation Uncertainty: Evidence from the Greek Experience (Dionysios Chionis and Panagiotis Liargovas)
Explaining the Real Size of Government in Australia: An Application of the Ferris and West Model (Brian Dollery, Sukvinder Singh)
Revenue Implications of Export Tax Denomination in Developing Countries: The Case of Forestry in Papua New Guinea (Colin Hunt)
Impact of Liberalisation on Industrial Structure: The Nepalese Experience (Kishor Sharma)
The Internalisation of Environmental Capital Stocks into an Aggregate Cobb-Douglas Function (Dodo Thampapillai, Claus-H. Hanf)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 30, Issue 2

Volume 31, 2001

Articles Issue 1:

A Decision Theoretic Approach to Choose Among Alternative Import Protocols for an Import Competing Commodity (Ali Abdalla, Gil Rodriguez, Anna Heanney)
Financial Support for Adult Children in Australia (Diana J. Beal)
The Impact of Found Attrition on Superannuation Returns (Michael E. Drew, Jon D. Stanford)
Non-Market Valuation Databases: How Useful Are They? (Mark Morrison)
The National GST and Commonwealth-State Financial Relations: A Neglected Issue (Richard Row, Alan Duhs)
Excess Entry in the Deregulated Queensland Power Market (Paul Simshauser)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 31, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Price and Subsidy Policy on Soil Conservation: Application to Smallholder Tea Growers (Jayanath Ananda, Gamini Herath)
The Offshore Services Industry in the Caribbean: A Conseptual and Sub-Regional Analysis (Nand C. Bardouille)
Industry Structure and the Reform of the Queensland Sugar Industry: A Computational Model (Rodney Beard, Malcolm Wegener)
The Internal and External Transfers of the Turkish Economy: A Financial Computable General Equilibrium Analysis (Gül Ipek Tunç)
Australian Rainforest Timbers as a Valuable Resource: Community Perceptions and Purchase Habits of Rainforest Timber Products (D.B. Smorfitt, J.L. Herbohn, S.R. Harrison)
Analysis of Property Values, Local Government Finances and Reservation of Land for National Parks and Similar Purposes (Clem Tisdell, Leonie Pearson)
Regulation and Measurement of the Productivity Offset (Noel D. Uri)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 31, Issue 2

Volume 32, 2002

Articles Issue 1:

Australia’s Saving Behaviour: A Macroeconomic Perspective (Tony Makin)
Superannuation, Population Ageing and Living Standards in Australia (Ross Guest and Ian McDonald)
Efficiency with Costly Information: A Study of Australian Wholesale Superannuation Fund Performance (Michael E. Drew, Jon D. Stanford and Madhu Veeraraghavan)
Retirement Income Strategy in Australia (Hazel Bateman)
Informed Superannuation Choice: Constraints and Policy Resolutions (Kerry Brown, Gerry Gallery and Natalie Gallery)
Dilemmas about Pensions (Peter Sinclair)
Implemented Consulting: A Force Gathering Momentum (Charles Davies and Martin Crawford)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 32, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2 (Special Issue):

The Role of Non-Market Valuation in Forest Management and Recreation Policy (Steve Harrison, Jeff Bennett and Clem Tisdell)
Travel Cost Analysis of Recreation Value in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area (Sally Driml)
World Heritage Listing of Australian Natural Sites: Tourism Stimulus and its Economic Value (Clem Tisdell and Clevo Wilson)
Assessing Rainforest Conservation Demands (John Rolfe and Jeff Bennett)
Estimation of Costs and Benefits of the Community Rainforest Reforestation Program in North Queensland (Jean-Claude Eono and Steve Harrison)
Whian Whian – State Forest or National Park: Community Attitudes and Economic Values (Stephen Duthy)
Economic Evaluation of Proposed Long-Distance Walking Tracks in the Wet Tropics of Queensland (Averil Cook and Steve Harrison)
Forestry Managers’ Perceptions of the Feasibility of Incorporating Non-Market Value Estimates into Financial Environmental Reporting (Kathleen Herbohn and Scott Henderson)
The Impact of Noosa National Park on Surrounding Property Values: An Application of the Hedonic Price Method (L.J. Pearson, C. Tisdell and A.T. Lisle)
Visual Disamenity in the Queensland Wet Tropics: Estimating the Economic Impacts of Overhead Transmission Lines (Steve Harrison)
11th Colin Clark Memorial Lecture – Asian Poverty: What can be done? (Peter McCawley)
Investigating Stock Price Dynamics in an Oil-Dependent Economy: The Case of Kuwait (Ali Arifa, Khalifa H. Ghali and Imed Limam)
Teaching Quantitative Methods in Economics: Alternatives to Theorem and Proof and Chalk and Talk (William E. Becker)
Determinants of Profitability: Australian Evidence Using Tax Entities (Simon Feeny)
The Yield Spread and Real Economic Activity: The Impact of Globalisation (K.M. Hawtrey)
An Empirical Note on the Export-Led Growth Hypothesis: The Case of Malaysia (Mansor H. Ibrahim)
Predicting Australian Growth and Recession Via the Yield Curve (Neil Dias Karunaratne)
Has Korean Manufacturing Production Reached Its Full Potential? (Renuka Mahadevan)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 32, Issue 2

Volume 33, 2003

Articles Issue 1:

Macro and Micro Impacts of Structural Reforms in Papua New Guinea: A Computable General Equilibrium Analisys (J. Asafu-Adjaye)
Macroeconomic Factors and Bank and Finance Stock Prices: The Australian Experience (S. Paul, G. Mallik)
Willingness to pay for Malaria Insurance: A Case Study of Households in Ghana using the Contingent Valuation Method (J. Asafu-Adjaye, J, Dzator)
Take-Home Tests in Economics (G. Bredon)
On the Use of Classroom Experiments in ‘Aligned Teaching’ (S.L. Cheung)
The Gender Issue Revisited: A Case Study of Student Performance in Economics and Econometrics (D.M. Dancer)
Making Natural Resource Economics Relevant for a Highly Diversified Student Clientele (S. Harrison)
Teaching Large Classes: Overcoming the Myths (D. Herbert, D. Chalmers, R. Hannam)
Teaching them a Lesson at Ipswich: Reflections (B. Littleboy)
The Teaching of Economics in Schools: A Problem in the Making? (A. Millmow)
Alternative Structures and Teaching Modes for a Multi-Campus University (S. Paul)
Designing a Conversion Masters Subject with Flexible Assessment (J. Stanford)
Understanding Students’ Misunderstanding in Economics (T. Tang)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 33, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Introduction to Special Issue on International Taxation and Foreign Investment (D.J. Jüttner)
International Tax Competition: A New Framework for Analysis (B. Sørensen)
Tax Competition, Economic Hegemony and the Future (T. Dwyer, D. Dwyer)
Tax Policy, FDI and the Irish Economic Boom of the 1990s (F. Barry)
Source Rules, Trade and Income Taxes, and Electronic Commerce: Designing Rules for the Taxation of Cross-Border Income (H. Grubert)
Tax Treaties, Renegotiations, and Foreign Direct Investment (R.B. Davies)
The Impact of Corporate Taxation on the Location of Capital: A Review (M.P. Devereux, R. Griffith)
Taxing International Financial Institutions (W.P. Hogan)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 33, Issue 2

Volume 34, 2004

Articles Issue 1:

Demographic Transition and Optimal Saving in Four Asian Countries (R.S. Guest, I.M. McDonald)
Modelling the Regional Economic Consequences of Efficiency Gains in the Utilities Sector (J. Giesecke, J.R. Madden)
Effects of Housing Allowances on Housing Prices in Australia: A Cointegration Analysis (M. Chowdhury, G. Mallik)
An Empirical Analysis of Sugarcane Production in Fiji, 1970-2000 (P.K. Narayan)
Commodity Currencies: A Macroeconomic Interpretation (M. Polasek)
Attitudes to Entry Fees to National Parks: Results and Policy Implications from a Queensland Case Study (C. Wilson, C. Tisdell)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 34, Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Does the Term Structure Predict Australia’s Future Output Growth? (A. Valadkhani)
Business Expectations and Preferences Regarding the Introduction of Daylight Saving in Queensland (A. Worthington)
An Analysis of the Sri Lankan Conflict Using an Economic Tool (P. Johannessen, J.S. Bandara, C. Smith)
Could Foreign-Aid Financing Cause Excess Depreciation of Public Capital? Two Simple Hypothetical Cases (Y. Bu)
Superannuation: A Guide to the Field for Australian Economists (G. Kingston)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 34, Issue 2

Volume 35, 2006

Articles Issue 1-2:

Estimates of Capital Stocks for the States and Territories of Australia (S. Mikhailitchenko, D.T. Gfyen, C. Smith)
The Gains from the Microeconomic Reform of the Power Generation Industry in East-Coast Australia (Paul Simshauser)
Corporate Income Tax Reform: The Neglected Issue of Tax Incidence (John Ablett, Neil Hart)
The Economic Consequences of Droit De Suite in the European Union (Victor Ginsburgh)
The Asian Currency Crisis and Australian Exports to East Asia (Pemasiri Gunawardana)
The Optimal Access Price in a Vertically Related Industry (Partha Gangopadhyay)
On the Double Imputation Hedonic Price Index (Michael L. Kremmer, David Prentice)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 35

Volume 36, 2006

Articles Issue 1-2:

Innovation and the Conditions of Economic Progress (J. Stanley Metcalfe)
The Welfare Cost of Capital Controls (Tony Makin, Alexander Robson)
The New Economy and the Dollar Puzzle (Neil Dias Karunaratne)
Determinants of Export Supply of the Australian Textiles Industry (Inka Havrila and Pemasiri Gunawardana)
The National and Regional Economic Consequences of Rapid Growth in Australia’s Telecommunications Sector (James Giesecke)
Economic Evaluation of a Community Based Early Intervention Program Implemented in a Disadvantaged Urban Area of Queensland (Matthew Manning, Ross Homel, Christine Smith)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 36

Volume 37, 2007

Articles Issue 1:

Is bigger Better? Local Government Amalgamation and the South Australian Rising to the Challenge Inquiry (B. Dollery, J. Byrnes and L. Crase)
Market External Events as Triggers of the 1991-1997 Residential Construction Peak in Taiwan (H. Hsieh, J. Forster and Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics)
Foreign Aid and Government’s Fiscal Behaviour in Nepal: An Empirical Analysis (B.P. Bhattarai)
Labour Market Decisions of Australian Families Coping with Mental and Physical Disabilities (N. Vecchio)
The Value of a Recreational Beach Visit: An Application to Mooloolaba Beach and Comparisons with other Outdoor Recreation Sites (B. Blackwell)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 37 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Seventeenth Colin Clark lecture: August 2007, Setting Australia’s Minimum Wages in 2007 and Beyond: Building a New Australian Economic Institution (I. Harper)
A Conversation with Clem Tisdell (J. Lodewijks)
Exchange Rate Implications for Australian Manufacturing Investment and Exports (R. Swift)
Personal Income Tax Reform in Australia: A Specific Proposal (B. Tran-Nam, L. Vu and B. Andrew)
Teaching Economics in a Changing Environment: The Case of Introductory Postgraduate Economic Statistics (M. Alauddin and J. Foster)

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 37 issue 2

Volume 38, 2008

Articles Issue 1:

Change of Guard for Economic Analysis and Policy (Uwe Dulleck, Benno Torgler and Clevo Wilson)
Industrial Relations and Labour Market Reform: Time to build on Proven Legacies (John Buchanan, Brigid van Wanrooy, Sarah Oxenbridge and Michelle Jakubauskas)
The Case for Minimal Regulation of the Labour Market (Des Moore)
Introduction to the Special Issue on Tax Compliance and Tax Policy (Benno Torgler)
Developing Tax Policy in a Complex and Changing World (Simon James and Allison Edwards)
Tax Effort in Developing Countries and High Income Countries: The Impact of Corruption, Voice and Accountability (Richard M. Bird, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Benno Torgler)
Social Capital and Tax Morale in Spain (James Alm and Juan Luis Gomez)
The Shadow Economy in Germany: A Blessing or a Curse for the Official Economy? (Friedrich Schneider)
Enforcing Tax Compliance: To Punish or Persuade? (Kristina Murphy)
Procedural Fairness and Tax Compliance (Martina Hartner, Silvia Rechberger, Erich Kirchler, and Alfred Schabmann)
Tax Culture: A Basic Concept for Tax Politics (Birger Nerre)
Book Reviews

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 38 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

A Message from the Editors (Uwe Dulleck, Benno Torgler and Clevo Wilson)
Knock, Knock: Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming? (Robert M. Carter)
Uncertainty and Climate Change Policy (John Quiggin)
Industry Policy for a Productive Australia (Gary Banks)
Imported Equipment, Human Capital and Economic Growth in Developing Countries (Uwe Dulleck, Neil Foster)
Foreign Aid and Economic Growth: A Cointegration Analysis of the Six Poorest African Countries (Girijasankar Mallik)
Excess Demand, Market Power and Price Adjustment in Clearinghouse Auction Markets for Water (Edward Oczkowski)
National and Regional Impacts of Increasing Non-Agricultural Market Access by Developing Countries – the Case of Pakistan (Muhammad Shoaib Butt, Jayatilleke S Bandara)
Causes and Consequences of Tax Morale: An Empirical Investigation (Benno Torgler, Ihsan C. Demir, Alison Macintyre, Markus Schaffner)
Practitioner’s Corner: Introduction (Stan Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay)
The Devil is in the Detail: Hints for Practical Optimisation (T. M. Christensen, A. S. Hurn, Kenneth Lindsay)
Book Reviews
Special Issue 2009: A Call for Papers, The Economics of Limited and Open Access Publishing

All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 38 Issue 2

Volume 39, 2009

Articles Issue 1:

Bailing out the Titanic with a Thimble (Steve Keen)
Fiscal Stimulus Packages and Uncertainty in Times of Crisis Economic Policy for Open Economies (Ansgar Belke)
The Economics of Open Access Publishing (Christian Zimmermann)
The Stratified Economics of Open Access (John Willinsky)
But what have you done for me lately? Commercial Publishing, Scholarly Communication, and Open-Access (John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders)
Publishing an E-Journal on a Shoe String: Is It a Sustainable Project? (Piero Cavaleri, Michael Keren, Giovanni B. Ramello, and Vittorio Valli)
Open Access Models and their Implications for the Players on the Scientific Publishing Market (Steffen Bernius, Matthias Hanauske, Wolfgang König, Berndt Dugall)
Open Access Economics Journals and the Market for Reproducible Economic Research (B. D. McCullough)
Estimating the Potential Impacts of Open Access to Research Findings (John Houghton and Peter Sheehan)
The Economics of Open Bibliographic Data Provision (Thomas Krichel and Christian Zimmermann)
The Devil is in the Detail: Hints for Practical Optimisation. A Comment (B. D. McCullough)
Economic Gangsters: Corruption, Violence, and Poverty of Nations (Raymond Fisman and Edward Miguel)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 39 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2 (Special Issue, Honours Contributions):

Editorial Note: EAP is moving Forward
A Political-Economy of the U.S. Subprime Meltdown (Shaleandra Sharma)
Honours Contributions
The Residential Demand for Electricity in the United States (Hayden Neeland)
Business Cycle Dynamics (Sebastian Wende)
Regular Contributions
Do Tax Amnesties Work? The Revenue Effects of Tax Amnesties during the Transition in the Russian Federation (James Alm, Jorge Martinez-Vazques, and Sally Wallace)
Vulnerability of Natural Gas Supply in the Asian Gas Market (Helen Cabalu and Chassty Manuhutu)
Economic Reform and Openness in China: China’s Development Policies in the Last 30 Years (Clem Tisdell)
The Determinants of Population and Employment Growth in Small Queensland Regions (Bernhard Trendle)

Testing for Nonlinearity in Mean in the Presence of Heteroskedasticity (Ralf Becker and Stan Hurn)

The Godfather Doctrine: A Foreign Policy Parable by J.C. Hulsman and A.W. Mitchell
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 39 Issue 2

Articles Issue 3 (Special Issue, Economics of Sports):

Economics of Sports: A Note to this Special Issue (Benno Torgler)
Interacting with WADA, IOC, UCI and ASADA: A Cycling Australia Perspective (Graham Fredricks, Shayne Bannan, and David T. Martin)
Sports Rules As Common Pool Resources: A Better Way to Respond to Doping (Edward Castronova and Gert G. Wagner)
Doping and Fair Play (Nicolas Eber)
Pecuniary Disincentives in the Anti-Doping Fight (Wolfgang Maennig)
The Basic Economics of Match Fixing in Sport Tournaments (Raul Caruso)
Are Demographic Diversity Effects Spurious? (Stephan Nüesch)
Who Is The Best Formula 1 Driver? An Economic Approach to Evaluating Talent (Reiner Eichenberger and David Stadelmann)
Towards a New Dynamic Measure of Competitive Balance: A Study Applied to Australia’s Two Major Professional ‘Football’ Leagues (Liam J.A. Lenten)
The Dynamic of Bicycle Finals: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Slipstreaming (Alexander Dilger and Hannah Geyer )
Comparing Batsmen Across Different Eras: The Ends of the Distribution Justifying the Means (H. Shelton Brown, III)
Stakes and Motivation in Tournaments: Playing When There is Nothing to Play for but Pride (Lionel Page and Katie Page)
Playbooks and Checkbooks: An Introduction to the Economics of Modern Sports by S. Szymanski
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 39 Issue 3

Volume 40, 2010

Articles Issue 1:

What Have we Learnt? The Great Depression in Australia from the Perspective of Today (David Gruen and Colin Clark)
The Impact of Intergovernmental Grants on Cost Efficiency: Theory and Evidence from German Municipalities (Alexander Kalb)
The Role of Labor Market Institutions on Wage and Inflation Dynamics: Empirical Evidence from OECD Economies (Fatih Macit)
A Note on the Concept of Excess Burden (Hans Lind and Roland Granqvist)
The Determinants of Firm-Level Export Intensity in New Zealand Agriculture and Forestry (Kris Iyer)
Farmers Resource – Use and Technical Efficiency in Cowpea Production in Nigeria (B.T. Omonona, O.A. Egbetokun and A.T. Akanbi)
Response to Peter Monkhouse (N. Wills-Johnson)
Neuroeconomics – Decision Making and the Brain by P.W. Glimcher, C.F. Camerer, E. Fehr and R.A. Poldrack
An Introduction to Climate Change Economics and Policy by F.R. Fitzroy and E. Papyrakis
Macroeconomic Theory – A Dynamic General Equilibrium Approach by M.R. Wickens
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 40 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Editorial Note (Uwe Dulleck, Benno Torgler and Clevo Wilson)
Comment: ‘Knock, Knock: Where is the Evidence for Dangerous Human-Caused Global Warming?’ by Robert M. Carter (Robert E.T. Ward)
Reply to the Comment of Robert E.T. Ward by Robert M. Carter (Robert M. Carter)
Informal Eldercare across Europe: Estimates from the European Community Household Panel (Tarja Viitanen)
Public Pension Reform in Japan (Akira Okamoto)
The Marginal Values of Lifesavers and Lifeguards to Beach Users in Australia and the United States (Boyd D. Blackwell and Clement A. Tisdell)
Perceptions of Fairness and Allocation Systems (David A. Savage and Benno Torgler)
Labor Productivity Growth, Education, Health and Technological Progress: A Cross-Country Analysis (Supachet Chansarn)
An Empirical Analysis of Real Activity and Stock Returns in an Emerging Market (Mansor H. Ibrahim)
Carbon sinks and climate change: forests in the fight against global warming, C.A. Hunt, Edward Elgar, 2009, 236 pages, ISBN 978-1-84720-977-1
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 40 Issue 2

Articles Issue 3:

Asleep at the Wheel: the Real Interest Rate Experience in Australia (Mark McGovern)
The Welfare Effects of Taxicab Regulation in English Towns (Jeremy P. Toner)
The Surprising Vulnerability of New Zealand Manufacturing to CO2 Emissions Pricing: The Lessons of an International Comparison (Elisabeth Numan-Parsons, Kris Iyer and Matthew Bartleet )
Forecasting Population Changes and Service Requirements in the Regions: A Study of Two Regional Councils in Queensland, Australia (Wasantha Athukorala, Prasad Neelawela, Clevo Wilson, Evonne Miller, Tony Sahama, Peter Grace, Mike Hefferan, Premawansa Dissanayake, Oshan Manawadu)
Do Instructional Attributes pose Multicollinearity Problems? An Empirical Exploration (Mohammad Alauddin and Hong Son Nghiem)
The Role of Price Floor in a Differentiated Product Retail Market (Barna Bako)
Nonlinearities, Co-Trending and Budget Balance Sustainability (Mark J. Holmes)
A Model of Bilateral Trade Balance: Extensions and Empirical Tests (M Zakir Saadullah Khan and M Ismail Hossain)
Labor Market Institutions and Wage and Inflation Dynamics (Fatih Macit)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 40 Issue 3

Volume 41, 2011

Articles Issue 1:

Prospects for Meeting Australia’s 2020 Carbon Targets, given a Growing Economy, Uncertain International Carbon Markets and the Slow Emergence of Renewable Energies (Colin Hunt)
The Economic Contribution of the Resources Sector by Regional Areas in Queensland (John Rolfe, Daniel Gregg, Galina Ivanova, Reuben Lawrence, and David Rynne)
Sources of Productivity Growth in Health Services: A Case Study of Queensland Public Hospitals (Son Nghiem, Tim Coelli and Scott Barber)
Paying for Performance in Hospitals (Burkhard Hehenkamp and Oddvar Kaarbøe)
Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of Australian Dollar: Do Test Procedures Matter? (AFM Kamrul Hassan and Ruhul Salim)
Comparing Responses from Internet and Paper-Based Collection Methods in more Complex Stated Preference Environmental Valuation Surveys (Jill Windle and John Rolfe)
Assurance Problem in Gift Exchange Game: An Experimental Study (Kean Siang Ch’ng)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 41 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:

Australian Residential Solar Feed-in Tariffs: Industry Stimulus or Regressive Form of Taxation? (Tim Nelson, Paul Simshauser, and Simon Kelley)
Reducing the Lower Bound on Market Interest Rates (Ulrich van Suntum, Metin Kaptan, and Cordelius Ilgmann)
Does the ECB Rely on a Taylor Rule During the Financial Crisis? Comparing Ex-post and Real Time Data with Real Time Forecasts (Ansgar Belke and Jens Klose)
Economic Growth and FDI in Asia: A Panel-Data Approach (Aviral Kumar Tiwari and Mihai Mutascu)
Shared Equity Policy in Joint Ventures for Host Countries (Mei-Fang Chung)
Household Size Economies: Malaysian Evidence (Thaiyoong Penny Mok, Gillis Maclean, and Paul Dalziel)
New IMF Lending Facilities and Financial Stability in Emerging Markets (Jari John and Tobias Knedlik)
IDENTITY ECONOMICS: HOW OUR IDENTITIES SHAPE OUR WORK, WAGES, AND WELL-BEING George A. Akerlof & Rachel E. Kranton, Princeton, 2010, 185 pages, ISBN 978-0-691-14648-5
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 41 Issue 2

Articles Issue 3:

Debunking Macroeconomics (Steve Keen)
Beyond the Australian Debt Dreamtime: Recognising Imbalances (Mark McGovern)
Efficiency of Research Performance of Australian Universities: A Reappraisal using a Bootstrap Truncated Regression Approach (Boon Lee)
Is there any Link Between Commodity Price and Monetary Policy? Evidence from Australia (A.F.M. Kamrul Hassan and Ruhul A. Salim)
Estimating Production Response of Broadacre Farms in Western Australia: The Nexus of Empirics and Economics Revisited (Vilaphonh Xayavong, Nazrul Islam, and Ruhul Salim)
Unintended Migration Consequences of US Welfare Reform (Hal W. Snarr, Daniel Friesner, and Mark L. Burkey)
Price Effects of Monetary Policy: The Case of a Small Open Economy of New Zealand (Shahnawaz Karim, Minsoo Lee, and Chrisher Gan)
Economic Policies, Political Considerations and Overall Health (Stavros A. Drakopoulos)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 41 Issue 3

Volume 42, 2012

Articles Issue 1:

For the Sake of a Credible Climate Change Policy in Australia – Revisiting the Nuclear Energy Option
(Colin Hunt)
Competition Regulation in Australia: A Report Card (Steven P. King)
Components of Inflation Uncertainty and Interest Rates: Evidence from Australia and New Zealand (Ramaprasad Bhar and Girijasankar Mallik)
Corruption: Democracy, Autocracy, and Political Stability (Kanybek Nur-tegin and Hans J. Czap)
Green TFP Intensity Impact on Sustainable East Asian Productivity Growth (Elsadig M. Ahmed)
Study of Discrete Choice Models and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in the Prediction of Economic Crisis Periods in USA (Eleftherios Giovanis)
Impacts of Macroeconomic Forces and External Shocks on Real Output for Indonesia (Yu Hsing)
Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Growth and Financial Sector Development in Small Open Developing Economies (Oluwatosin Adeniyi, Festus O. Egwaikhide, Abimbola Oyinlola, Olusegun Omisakin)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 42 Issue 1

Articles Issue 2:


Introduction to the Special Issue on Tax Evasion and the Underground Economy (Michael Pickhardt, Aloys Prinz, and Benno Torgler)
Combining Psychology and Economics in the Analysis of Compliance: From Enforcement to Cooperation (James Alm, Erich Kirchler, and Stephan Muehlbacher)
Endogenous Norm Formation Over the Life Cycle – The Case of Tax Morale (Katarina Nordblom and Jovan Žamac)
Tax Morale and Tax Evasion: Social Preferences and Bounded Rationality (Zsombor Z. Méder, András Simonovits, and János Vinczeb)
Competition and Tax Evasion: A Cross Country Study (Yiqun Wang)
A Game Theoretic Approach to Cross-Border VAT Evasion within EU Member States and its Relationship with the Black Economy (Silvia Fedeli and Francesco Forte)
In the Shadow of Public Debt: Are there Relations between Public Debt and the Shadow Economy? (Aloys Prinz and Hanno Beck)
Macroeconomic Implications of the Underground Sector: Challenging the Double Business Cycle Approach (Catalina Granda-Carvajal)
Why does a Large Shadow Economy not show up in Administrative Inspections? (Kari Takala and Matti Viren)
All Articles, Abstracts, Authors of Volume 42 Issue 2

Articles Issue 3:


Economic Benefit, or Regressive Taxation and Wealth Transfers? (Tim Nelson, Paul Simshauser, and James Nelson)
Inflation, Inflation Uncertainty and Macroeconomic Performance in Australia (Ramprasad Bhar and Girijasankar Mallik)
Gender Differences in Domains of Job Satisfaction: Evidence from Doctoral Graduates from Australian Universities (Temesgen Kifle and Isaac H. Desta)
Weak Policy in an Open Economy: The US with a Floating Exchange Rate, 1974-2009 (Henry Thompson)
International Influences on the Australian Economy in the Interwar Years (Tom Valentine)
Generalized Network Externality Function (Arnut Paothong and G.S. Ladde)