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PlayStation for Japanese – Uncle Saff Amir Khan


The Playstation Move was shown to the press at last years Tokyo Game Show but now the public in Japan have had a chance to try out Sony’s motion control device for the Playstation 3 for the first time, at this year’s Summer World Hobby Fair just outside of Tokyo.

Various titles were shown including Eye Pet and Machi Suberi (Slider to anyone outside of Japan). Also other titles were shown at the event including Mod-Nation Racers, Patapon 3, the Torne DVR, and My Summer Vacation Portable 2. Thanks to for the article and the pictures from the event.

Echochrome II To Hit The US

Echochrome II

The long awaited sequel to one of Sony’s most addictive puzzle games, Echochrome gets its release this fall in the US. The Playstation Move motion controller will work as a flashlight in which users can shine on various parts of the levels which will in turn then cast a shadow revealing ways in which the puzzle can be completed. A trailer has been revealed by the guys over at the US Playstation Blog who posted the news.

Sony InFamous 2 for Playstation

After the huge success of the first inFamous title for the PS3, we all knew that a sequel was going to come at some point very soon and today its pretty much been confirmed that inFamous 2 will be hitting the PlayStation 3 at some point in the near future after Sony Computer Entertainment America or SCEA for short, E3 is coming up so i’m very confident that it will be announced during Sony’s press conference there and if it isn’t then I will be very shocked and surprised indeed. The guys over at the official PlayStation Blog have posted an article in to how you get started for your chance to win a stunning looking piece of equipment courtesy of Sony. A pic of the TV can be found by clicking here. Also there are runners up prizes as well with 4 prize funds of €50 each going to the runners up for those to spend on the PlayStation Store.

Sony InFamous 2