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Top 3 Best Durable Dog / Puppy Toys in 2018


Durable Dog Toys can be hard to find. I realize this every time I walk down the hall and find that one of our lovable canine critters has demolished another toy. This is especially noticable if it was a stuffed toy. It is even more noticeably if the toy belonged to somebody other than the dogs, say…oh — my granddaughter. Here we endeavor to seek out the best — and worst — in durable dog toys. Some may claim to be tough dog toys but turn out to be pansies. Others may well live up to their claims as indestructible dog toys. We shall see what we shall see.

We currently have two testers in our household. We have a large sweetheart of a lab/German shepherd mix and a tenacious, sometimes sneaky chihuahua. They are wonderful pets and will be willing participants in our experiments. They are perfectly capable of examining the durability of any and all dog toys on the market. Durable Dog Toys. here is list of 3 best durable dog / puppy toys.


Tennis Balls Dog Toys

The toy of all dog toys is still the ball — basic, standard balls for dogs. Tennis balls, rubber balls, rawhide balls, balls on strings, any kind of ball you can think of will be popular with just about any mutt. When you throw it, the ball bounces. This puts a bit of excitement into the game. Uncertainty heightens the expectation. Bouncing balls are virtually always fetched with joy. Whether they are actually returned to the thrower is another matter. Training is involved. That’s another post. What we speak of here are those marvelous round toys that have a chance of holding up past the first spirited game of catch. Check out these great balls for dogs. Check Air Dog Squeakair Birthday balls.


Dog Toys | Nylabone Puppy Chew Bone

There are tons of different Nylabones. They last for ages, though their appearance certainly deteriorates significantly before they disappear completely. According to the Nylabone website, the toys “promote good canine dental hygiene, enhance overall mental fitness, and encourage positive behavior.” We pretty much agree with that. This is a dog chew bone that our dogs like — especially the original flavor. Just make sure you have enough Nylabones for everybody — theft is an ugly outgrowth of good taste. 🙂 Review Dog Toys Made in USA.


The Dog Geek: Dogzilla Versus Kong

This Dogzilla Durable Dog Toys set is a nice combo that we ran across. We bought it mostly for the ice bone element. Our dogs love ice cubes, but we’re always afraid they’ll choke. This turned out to be a good answer to the problem. You just it up with water, freeze it, pop the frozen bone out and voila! A bone shaped piece of ice. It’s great. The others are good, as well, and must taste really good. We like the combo toys because it makes it easier for us to enter into the fun.

  • The Dogzilla Rubber Bone is made of strong rubber and infused with chicken flavor that dogs love.
  • The Dogzilla Deep Freeze Artic Bone is half hard rubber chew toy and half ice cube housing tray. Two halves make a whole lot of fun!
  • The Dogzilla Rope is the ultimate strong rubber dog toy, combining chicken-flavored rubber with a cotton rope bone.


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